XV corner – Corners, power

At noon we had planned an early trip to the hydroelectric power plant Dlouhé Stráně. This is one of the world's largest pumped storage, is located in the Landscape Park Jeseníky.

Little time we dłużył, the weather was good and we could laze around soaking up the sun. Finally, we went to the meeting point in the center of the sport, where we could admire the Czechs in professional attire, on professional bikes, raging on the slopes. Our cruise bus arrived and we went to the power plant.

On site, After a short lecture and film on the principles of operation of this contraption, we went to watch the water turbines with a capacity of 325 MW, rather, only the small piece on the surface and then the upper and lower tanks. Such is the way this year, we can summarize the year of the salt mine and power plant – Kłodawa – Mine, Belchatow – Long Slopes. And all are TOP of the world. The tour was very interesting and those who were not let regret.

After returning to Clubiego packed and hit the road home. In Niemcza halted cork disputes but we missed it the center of town and despite my fears, as to further drive, disputes because the traffic was fairly smoothly arrived to Wroclaw.
This corner was successful as usual but this time I have a strange feeling, it was something else, something was missing, I find it difficult to determine which ran, I was rally night, Living, Questions, task, even trip. But…