“Rasta” – price increases?

At the rally, organized by the Automobile Club of Ostrowski there are two cars, which aroused controversy and discussion among participants.
I – participant came all the way from Warsaw in the car in a position visible in the photo and most importantly, with over ninety mother! He received a special award and a storm of applause. I also admire and I applaud, Aliens are among us…

II – I've seen this car before, I think in Rydzyna can also deplorable.

The owner launches fashion for “originally preserved paint / state” (delete as appropriate). Maybe you would be proud of surviving original paint, if there was more than putty paint, Interestingly, moreover, where he copied the “rasta” trend? Personally, I feel sorry for the SL and I would see it in the hands of passionate, who will take the trouble and risk of the removal of this wonderful “original paint” and replace it with a new. Interesting, or as claimed by the owner of such cars are in the price, they are and here ad nauseam in “original condition”, whether the price would be restored, however, more? I am then going mainstream “rasta – price increases” not moving rainbow of browns and let rise Clubiego – health:)
Rasta word is used deliberately – jako paralela millenarystyczno-mesjanistycznego synkretycznego ruchu 🙂