Forzaitalia dwa

We spent the whole morning chatting with team X, means not only about cars, sipping Italian coffee.

Podglądaliśmy as it gets Italian breakfast.

Maciek bravely participated in a competition of knowledge of Italy and later in the presentation.

After 15 began with the end of the rally and then a long way from home, during which he broke off and ruined the solar cover to close the clipboard – some sacrifices have to be…
Elegance won the fiat 500 New York taxi styled, I personally think the idea was not justified and may be interesting to exploit the potential of Italian, dla mnie oryginalnym egzemplarzem był fiat panda kombi i bynajmniej nie jest to spowodowane słabością do przedłużanych samochodów 😉

I was surprised by a very small amount of vintage cars, a szkoda bo stare alfy są takie śliczne 😉

Finally – Italian organization certainly was not and that is a compliment.

Rally was successful, Forzaitalia team is przesympatyczna, met a fantastic crew and Fiat Panda (a friend of CCL Alpha crew not to mention ;)) and I hope, that we'll meet again but not Forzy, I do not plan to come to the rally for the year, However, the distance is too great and the more fun it is to participate in the rally classic / historic car and not d…car.