Forza Italy 2012

But Italy is not a substitute but a small one could feel the climate. We are traditionalists and went to Warsaw “old” route and only teased us rain, sometimes pouring the rest of us surprised mile. Road works are, yes, even in the section 84 km but is going smoothly, fast and fun. After 5 godzinach zajechaliśmy do Obory 🙂

We left our car in the parking lot and went to reconnoitre. Everything just slowly organized but looked sympathetically. We surprised our presence on the gold team X1 / 9, because we are die-hard fans of the British automotive industry is not looked at skrytofiatofilów.

After greetings, Quick gossip, we went to the race briefing tourist, since we were little mileage in the morning and decided to drive further 50 km, to answer the tough questions and find 11 of 16 photos. The route was very scenic surroundings routed Warsaw, gether often narrow streets with lots of humps – MINIAK would not have survived.

The most interesting attraction on the route was the Military Technical Museum, I would recommend, You can take a walk in the surrounding tanks, combat vehicles, military aircraft and other scrap metal.

After returning hungry like real Italians went for dinner at the Italian climate and the upcoming leg got rice…
Top and so fell integration, lecture on Testarossie and fashion show spiced up with interesting vocals…

At night, breaking szutrami forest we arrived at our accommodation, Warsaw was standard but we got used to it already.