Column Classics

We decided to try another approach and go Clubim fantastic team to rally Classic Cars Classifieds – Column Classics. We got up before 4 and yet dark night we went on the road. The soul of the ill-fated drove on the shoulder part of the road from the previous escapades to Hot Springs – this time the club did not świrował and allowed us to get to the place. Along the way, we had a short stop-over in tight circles – Maciek I forgot to do that after having lubricated suspension. The Warsaw 8 Sieradz turned on and it was our fault – there is a terrible way, ruts are like the Grand Canyon and the more we will not go that way.
In the first place we (so often happens as it is the farthest rally :)) and quietly to have registered and accommodated. We chose the hotel for an overnight stay Columna Medica – is a charming place, full grazing, opened only in April this year. In the parking lot began to do the crowds and happily greeted the familiar team.

After a welcome coffee and pastries Captain Magda made us check-in, itinerery handed and began competition. Maciek answer questions and at that time I struggled 1 minute workout on a bike, then “Rubber” doczłapałam legs into the car.
After the ceremonial start and we were the only ones itinerer.
The main attraction of the day, which was scheduled between sections rally was visiting Power Station. We arrived there in more erring team with problems, because someone knocked over a sign and could not find the right way.

Power is the largest in the world and really make a great impression. It was hard to hear our guide because everywhere there is a huge noise but the numbers are staggering that gave – np. wear on one boiler 500 tons of coal per hour and have their 6 and 7 – latest, who needs 1000 tons of coal!
The power was not allowed to take photos individually – The organizers got permission for one camera!
W kolumnie 😉 pojechaliśmy na tarasy oglądać odkrywkową Kopalnie Węgla Brunatnego – scary sight 21 km long and 3,5 km wide outcrop. Coal is enough to 2036 year and then we will be pedaling…

On the terraces had lunch with helpings and took off to another section of the rally. At the end of the route and shortened a little before 19 officially ended the rally in Column Park beating the egg whites on time.

In the evening held a contest of elegance and sophisticated prom Commander. The whole is dominated by a group of exclusive Mercedes but I have a strange feeling that the rally was for them, for them, and when they are not necessarily a big share of the organizational. What the hell, at least you can take part in the rally with a high standard.
Never received the results – were announced after 23 and went to “our Columny”.