Historic Vehicle Rally IV Nowy Sacz

In the morning the sun greeted us, and super nice and Jacek Ula – komandorzy rally. The atmosphere of this rally is unique, and I'm not surprised, that there is always more applications than places. We felt, that we are part of this magical place and belong to the great family of the old automotive enthusiasts.

Under the assistance of the Police in the column went to Ryta, where we rode the lift, We had a delicious dinner and gave back to laziness błogiemu. Maciek caught on the short course as the only gynecological and managed to open the damaged roof of the pagoda!

With Ryta went on the market Stary Sacz.

We visited the museum, We attended a delicious ice cream and went back to the database column. In the evening, gave back the passionate disputes and almost missed dinner, Of course I could not be nasłuchać stories about the historic Monte Carlo rally. We learned, that 2014 will be racing polo… and how to follow the preparations for the First Race History.