Mine – solna eskapada

We went to the rally of vintage cars to Nowy Sacz. This is the farthest so far expedition Clubiego. Not too much trouble to the car on the way we decided to take a longer break and visit the Wieliczka mine.

Surprised me quite a queue for tickets but standing a little over an hour we managed to enter the mine. And here another surprise track is totally commercial, mine paneled and painted white to me like she did only the Chapel of St.. Kingi. Wieliczka visits per year over a million tourists and everything is subordinate to.

Nowy Sacz to reached tired of the way and the sun wheel 19. To our surprise was the open-air rally base! Galician town is a very charming place and is the perfect setting for vintage cars. We were the third car, Andrew arrived in front of us familiar with the “start” Monte Carlo and the doctor has chosen this time “pagodę”.
After registration, we went to integrate and even the rain did not bother to listen to us interesting story arch of Monaco.