Ikar 2012

Club made his first days in PLN!

We started recording at the Palace Brunów – przy prezentacji niezbędna była konsultacja bo spiker nie wiedział czym my właściwie przyjechaliśmy 🙂 Po drodze prędkościomierz trochę szalał, once thought, that link dies but once everything calmed down and acted without charge. The first stop we had in Boleslawiec and after zmyłce itninerera we got to the manufacture of ceramics on gpsa. Next on the tour we visited the castle Kliczków. Watching the imperial apartments looked longingly through the window where he was being prepared grill. It turned out, that for us and nourished with the assistance of the Police went to the brickyard – stop surprises. Next was the market in Nowogrodziec where we got this time accompanied by Fire. There I awaited trial of a tennis ball on the hood, presentation, where I learned, Hillman that I ride and refreshments from the Mayor. We attended their way back even an attempt at consistency. Today, even in the plans prom Commander.