Krause Estate

On Saturday we got up at dawn, we have an appointment with Pierre. The plan was, that we would go for two miniaki. Verified it to weather and short stop at traffic lights in the bubble. Magically, after turning stacyjni ignited interest, and it stuck. Bubble He knew what he was doing sabotaging a trip to the rain – was in the garage. Club fortunately nothing “twisted” and scored the first Polish downpour. Regretted terribly, that we have to go in this weather and I had car damage, Unfortunately, there was no other option. Ruts filled with water proved to 10 very unpleasant, but fortunately the whole road was not so easily the worst and we got to Słotwiny. Wizard boasted an extensive and excellent facility for the coating chamber, new projects and interesting cars. He returned on board, teraz pojawiły się gwoździe i skóra 🙂 Clubi został dokładnie zlustrowany i obmacany. Reception on Saturday – try again to take bubble, can succeed this time.
Just at that time was played Rally Świdnicki – Krause. We passed along the way rajdówki the carriages and a lot of friends, who traveled to parts of the root.