Babel returned from “sanatorium”. The engine runs evenly, turnover not undulate, steering nicely reduced. Negatywy są ale wizualnie nie za bardzo je widać za to czuć 😉 Trzeba niezłej krzepy żeby skręcić koła, Maciek found out about this yesterday in the garage to park your bubble, and I have to swish around the track! Therefore, in order to familiarize signed up for training on Easter Monday, then 14 April events. Is going to be a whole 19 May on the track – first event WLTA & WLR and from 13.30 Charity Rally “Help for Renata” the dynamometer.
Yesterday we tested Clubiego, Today I rode it around town. The driving experience is surprising. Very gentle gas and clutch, works like a steering wheel to assist city. As for me, far too lightly and it is no great.
Most problems make the brakes – moderators – the sacred words of Adam. How much is depnie wheels to lock and the car glides on rails how to gently press – does not inhibit. You have to get used to them and pump them to effectively inhibit. Frajda z jazdy jest 🙂