The last round

The season ended with a bang, This is probably the, że ostania runda wypadła dopiero w styczniu 🙂 Na trzecim przejeździe staranowałam fotokomórkę, broke the flag and stopped at a pile of tires GREAT. I thought, that even after the competition, Moreover, the organizers also. Within a radius of three meters were lying scattered parts of the apparatus. With the help of volunteers managed to find all the equipment and acted strangely. So many good, that rammed the mirror and not the transmitter. Nobody knows how I did it, I also do not – thrown me out of the kostkowego roundabout and there was no longer what to collect. Miniak also has a dented front hit with belt, bumper and drove in a halogen grill. The competition has further astute no surprises, I traveled a little more conservatively until the penultimate race regained verve.
Dziękuję wszystkim za pomoc i organizatorom za stalowe nerwy 🙂