End of year marks my “Shooter finger on the map”, calculating the route and campsites. It has become, we decided, that we are going to MINI United, regardless of whether there will take care of accommodation and parking. Kolaboruje już w tej sprawie z organizatorami 🙂 Jak się nie uda to zatrzymamy się na kempingu w Le Castellet. The road is so exciting, that in principle there was no problem with the choice of the IMM or MINI? As this was not enough to tempt me a little longer trip through the Camargue (to see the white horses of the reserve, I dream of a child) do Millau, for what could be finer than the journey miniakiem in the clouds. Besides, additional 350 km in the face of the driven 1700 no longer have any significant value. And this way it became more than 2000 miles one way, and to bite two weeks and preferably more… Five months to go, which we will pass under the sign of lazurowo – lavender sky. And what more can you wish for 2012 years?!

IMM or not IMM

I am angry at the Hungarians as a method of registering on the IMM. Not only, that each person must register separately – not as a crew / vehicle is still having to pay extra for every transfer and for all tours / activities in advance. I took it as an exaggeration and thoughtlessness of the organizers. According to Mack found, that wait for further developments, perhaps we register for a mini-club. Meanwhile, there is a notice of the organization in 2012 years MINI United at Le Castellet in France. The location is extremely attractive – for the Côte d'Azur on the way Monaco, Antibes, Sanremo, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, in a word, my dream the Sun Highway. In this way,, if we decided to go to the MINI, faster than I thought this part of Europe zwiedzilibyśmy. For this again we visit Chur and above all my beloved Lindau on Lake Constance. The truth is, that as soon as we left there waiting for an opportunity to be able to go there again.
Why not?


Yesterday we participated in the action for kids. Cars were given numbers, losowały children who then woziliśmy them to successive points – surprises. And so we visited the ATM, Stadium, immortal parking near the Millennium, and finally, WSB, where the action is completed.

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WLTA 6 Round

Not foreshadowed in the morning so difficult to eliminate – The sun was shining treacherous. On site it was cold, slippery but it's nice. Best time I did the second run. Then it was just worse, Then it began to snow sleet and rain. Strongly surprised, that can fly sideways miniak, driftować i kręcić bąki 😉 Trudno się zresztą dziwić – I went to summer tires! Other cars also had big problems, even czterołapy. One subaru almost dachowało, survived downhill with jumps across.

Again, I was a star…

There was also worrying news, that the NLC can not be held next year. I hope, that the rumors are not confirmed otherwise I will just WLTA and “Passion” in group 0!