Broken silencer II

The fourth elimination WLTA for us. The weather was divine! The competition has been extended due to the number of players – 52 crew. Although the number of cars there was perfect order, were only slightly longer downtime between successive passages. The route was one of the very rapid species, but even I liked the setup and I rode well. By the time, at the fifth passage immediately after boot again broke muffler – or rather slipped from collectors. And who would have expected, że klątwy działają tak długo 😉


This time, I continued driving not only came off the route and waited for the service. After fitting the exhaust went home. Maciek scheming how to remedy the exhaust wypadającemu, If we change the bezel.
P.S. In the case known: “car will be in THIS week”. Kurcze jest postęp czy mi się tylko wydaje 🙂