Curse Manka

Recent eliminations began the season as standard. The course was designed with three long straights and two relapses, which made her the longest of the previously prepared. Three times I went to acquaint, so to check how efficiently overcome corners. The first ride I went on average – I was fourth and I felt, I went not to the max. During the competition in a Peugeot Krzysiek 106 MAXI muffler broke and finished pulling loops of junk on the ground. Manny “permanent” Low Meadows photographer with a great shout of joy said, that he contributed to the accident because the car touched the.

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What's up?

Transport on Saturday will not be because of the floods in Italy. Auto is to be SURE the end of next week. Nerwówka continues. For this Amberek not improve our mood, on the contrary, and makes a bubble because it is the finale on Sunday, NLC and the final battle awaits me about generalkę. Going to finish…


The third way

But, has become!
We are happy owners of the next mini. This time it's austin mini clubman estate. In fact, I do not feel the car owner, I have not seen him live, I hope, that reaches us safely next week. For now, we agree with Maciek complexities registration “yellow” sheet and I'm getting ready for the big pucowania and of course looking forward to our “little thing”.
The sample color “in the picture” 🙂

NEWS: car in Poland is to be on Saturday – 29 October. Maciek has organized an expedition to Tomaszów after Clubiego. Nerwówka takes, to pass the time we have a site dedicated to the new nabytkowi


Yesterday I took part in the third round of the League of Wroclaw Time Attack. After the first race took place on Saturday and this morning. I loved this formula because after noon we were in the house. Everything is functioning more efficiently and, despite a more than thirty cars were seven trips with the measurement and three familiarization. The route was extremely unfavorable miniakowi – long straights and few corners dziewięćdziesiątek. However, each subsequent time passing improved and I rode better and better.

Unrefined sugar or Italian history

W gorączce poszukiwań sprawdziłam połączenia lotnicze -nawet w obie strony 🙂 jak na zamówienie akurat była rewelacyjna promocja. He reported to us, attracted by the sun fellow Italii, who offered his companionship during the trip. There remains for us is nothing else but write to the owner and ask for details. We had a plan ready - we're going by plane, wracamy and kołach w wesołej ekipie. Czytaj dalej →