I said Maciek, so as not to result nastawiał, but he has the urge to cups and nothing gets through to him.

The rate of cars is unpredictable and this time it came a new, strong fury. The route was quite fast with a few technical parts of the roundabouts. The competition ran very smoothly despite the large cast of – 55 crews. Took fourth place in class and third in the Cup Women. With women I was competing at the highest classification, but because of the negative converter had to settle for third place.
Everything will be decided in October – the recent events in the season. Czeka mnie ostra walka do końca o generalkę 😉

XIV NarozeMini

After a record-breaking four hours at the stawiliśmy, long but the weather drove us rozleniwiała. Pleasant warmth, views on what the rush? On the spot, and so we were among the first. Hotel was the best of the visited so far on the corner. We met the entire Czech team included, there were also some cars from Hungary, Slovakia and five cars from us. The traditional half-hour late night we went to the rally. Itinerer not caused us any problems, worse with the tasks – questions were difficult and the majority responded to feel. About twenty-third we were back at the hotel.
After a poor, enjoy breakfast, quickly set the car in line to rally. We had to hurry because we still had to return home. Weather in the morning fog, and we encouraged the company of the Sun went on tour.

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Eco Motor Show

It was a very successful day… Weather fantastic, So we went admiring the autumnal views. We attended the mandatory on-site presentation on the stage and leisure time spent getting to know other participants. We heard a wonderful story among other restaurants Giulia, przesympatycznych met many owners of historic cars including Alfa, Citroen, Mercedes and “Czech car”.

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