Time Attack II runda

At the track was wet after all-day rain, Fortunately, about an hour it stopped raining sixteenth. But it was so slippery, I had the impression that the asphalt was covered with a thin layer of ice. Drove only two wheels, and clearly felt familiar as car flees.

The first drive ended in the tires, but after crossing the line photocell. The route was set so, that the majority landed on the tires hitting the finish line. Stopped again and broke the frame registrations. We came to the conclusion of Maciek, that we will register in the form of stickers. Plates will only assume the long-distance trips.

W pierwszym przejeździe zajęłam sławetne trzecie miejsce od końca także progres jest 🙂 Dalej było gorzej bo wiedziałam, that the route is treacherous and rode conservatively – like when shopping for “systems”. I was getting worse times, only in the penultimate passage is straightened. Not passed since last we went to the house – it was quite dark.