52 Mini-year

All the best and the next fifty miniaczki!
A gift from me – pink garage…
and tomorrow cleaning and participation in the parade on the occasion of an open Wroclaw Motorway Ring Road and Bridge Rędzińskiego!


Tomorrow's first move after the summer provides training to improve driving. I will deal with special courses for women. I hope, that would be nice ... At the end of the month came out to me busy for next Tuesday also spend this time on Missile for the first installment of Wroclaw League Time Attack. I have to somehow survive the ride in the group to 1600 up to the hostess, tent service, and other stuff.

Mrs. Bean

VI Elimination of NLC for us. I returned it to pay two trophies for second place in class and first class of women. To mój najlepszy wynik jak do tej pory 🙂
The competition ran very smoothly despite, the route was “longest possible” rode in the opposite direction and this was set chicane.

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