AOW i Most Rędziński

On Friday I managed to get Miniaków part in Saturday's parade of historic vehicles on the bridge Rędzińskim. About an hour after the seventeenth through hundreds przedarciu (verbatim) motorcyclists, we managed to stand at the start of the parade.

Quite smoothly and the ultramodern whole time we were driving was not an open section of the AOW and then through the hero's events – Most Rędziński. I had a difficult task: directing Amberkiem, podziwianie widoków i do tego jeszcze robienie zdjęć 🙂

After a short ride we set the cars in the lane making it available to those willing to explore. As usual, a lot of interest was – miniaki like a magnet to attract kids. After the steaks photos, questions of Babel – painted or foil and one close to the center of a small amateur photography at the wheel drove home.

Along the way, scored Maciek tightening circles and quickly repair the broken direction Amberku.