Because of the use of the rear of the Scorpion as a parking space again Miniaki ambulance whizzing in everyday use.
Resigned from the July tour to the Czech Republic in August, also do not plan for this trip miniakowych September will be full of trips – preparing the three.
Amber fights with the rain waiting for the possibility of opening the roof.
Bubble has been the weekend before the old coffee service momentous moment – wheel change. We are waiting for shipment in the form of A048R JBW – oh will happen! Until this spring and the new contraption to lower the steering wheel. Rally, most said, that the handlebars are too high by about 5 cm. Time for change is much longer because 14 August VI elimination NLC. For this project probably will become Rajdowalnia in Wroclaw League Attac Time and training will be in the form of competition which 3 weeks. Trwa ustalanie klas 🙂
Photo. Bartosz Broda

Jabadabaduuu!!! A 8 Mr. Bubble August set off for the next BIG adventure!