V elimination NLC

Behind us the longest and probably the largest elimination. From the beginning, everything went awry, fortunately, did not disappoint car and drove to the finish line in third place in the Cup Women. But after the turn.
First, start order was reversed, and the last group as the first RWD starowała. My start was scheduled for 13.15 in the penultimate pair. Conversion was carried out due to the control of noise on nearby residential. As it happens with tylnonapędowców runs were repeated often enough because competitors are catching up on the track. For this two amateurs from “dekla” country is allowed to stand with smoking show too much gum as prolonged occupations. For this one of the fans “departed” and enter into a zone of competition carriage hour delay caused. Wystartowałam after 14. Fortunately, the weather favored the waiting was neither sunny nor's hot. The second loop unless I dropped the wheel 19. But the happy times do not count, and long hours have passed me on conversations with other drivers. Finally, we lived to the end of the competition and after a short visit to the podium came back with cups home.


Many thanks to Adam and the team for their support and patience.