Dwunastościan foremny

Yesterday he fell a record attendance at the wedding of Wroclaw minimaniaka.

Came twelve cars (including car newlywed). At the park, where there was a collection of all of us were more surprised but pleased to see another miniaki. It seems, that all meetings are hungry like the old days. Po oznaczeniu nas karteczkami z imionami przez nauczyciela angielskiego 😉 pojechaliśmy do kościoła. There he made some little noise to park your car and then went to have a whole using the horns. The Young Couple at the head went on a trip to almost dwudziestokilometrową “Rome”. Rode nicely in a column, Millennium on the bridge we took two belts perfidiously, People greeted us – the driver does not necessarily. It was nice to look at the colorful procession of speeding through the city miniaków.
Odeskortowaliśmy Suite for the wedding and we went on something cold because the heat was merciless. Everybody's promised another meeting soon – so see you!