On Saturday evening rally was organized spocik combined with training. We could almost reach it on a Thursday because I was ready Bubbles. Tests “Road” however, did not fare well and was demolished again. I hope, that this week will already be mapped and all I could test it in training Rajdowalni. On the other hand, better, that alone and focus was put together because I do not want surprises on the track. Time is running out but it was still a lot to eliminate V – three weeks.
To while away the waiting time we went to Wroclaw Market where he had his base III International Rally Car Rolls-Royce and Bentley. From Thursday visited Legnica cars, Strzegom, Dzierżoniów, Bardo Slaskie and Ząbkowice. In a market that hit me, that cars have become separated from the audience with solid barriers to the protection of. There was therefore no possibility of free access and viewing. It's like candy to lick the paper. On the other hand I do not know how I survived a car with a million and more gold and stood there, such specimens. We counted a dozen cars, including several teams from Germany and England, Wroclaw sheets were probably the three cars. Our admiration aroused “green”, who participated in the expedition “80 days around the World” was also the oldest Rolls-Royce model to rally for 1927.