Trio, szroty and other

To, that we came back from vacation and the break is longer Low does not mean, that nothing in the garden is not going minakowym.
Yesterday passed “three”. Bubbles traveled szelkowymi Schroth belts, which mounted a week Maciek. Revelation. The difference between ordinary belts bezwładnościowymi is colossal. Even now survive their red color (którego osobiście not cierpię) so good to me now rides.
Returning to training this miniak was insurmountable at the curtain of water and stick to the mat better than the monster slip, czterołap subaru. Scored perfectly invasion speed 80 km! But I gave the body in half aaltonenie and half turn instead of a nice car but it did shift the side. I have to think what was the cause or too high speed or the steering wheel firmly tightened and, of course, continue to practice. Unfortunately, my dream of making a full Aaltonen is not true. Even though I had no opportunity to try. Grrr! It is difficult, I will wait for the opportunity to train, would for winter!
After my rajdowaniu deserved bubble was escorted to exchange serducha and several other parts. I hope, że po tej operacji będzie zdrowy 🙂 i szybszy.


Already without any surprises, we got to the house. Weather at night downpour had turned in Plauen “Road” that is, not too warm, not too cold, without burning sun, So we rode nicely. We watched the combustion control posts yet but remained at normal levels. In the afternoon, got dirty, wymęczonym but on its own wheels Amberkiem.

I got into unpacking and Maciek could not resist and rozkręcił roof. After two hours of fighting, but the grimy samarium and told me happy, that repaired the roof and “As even better than before”. Dropped a roll, also missing a few screws.
The expedition remained Amberkowi cow bell as a souvenir as befits a true Swiss, wears it proudly on the mirror (heart was removed so as not to ring the great Polish roads). And we're already looking forward to the IMM 2012 and we are planning a trip around Lake Balaton.
Motocaina – travel – announcement


Almost with tears in his eye camp goodbye. From the impression we did not even miniaka souvenir photo in front of an information board. We had to drive 450 km to a friend already campsite near Plauen – I was buying my.
Maciek rode the first episode. Refuelling and very quickly once we had to buy the gasoline. I could not put the blame fierce drive Maciek – It always goes much faster than me and more pressure miniacza. Quick calculations showed burning at 13 – 14 liters 100 km. Something was not right. Zatankowaliśmy car, there was no council, but at the nearest parking lot of fuel because we were still diminished at an alarming rate. Maciek undid the battery to reset the computer. We had to wait about 15 minutes at this time, also looked under the hood. It turned out, that cam from the vacuum broke and the car took “life” air. Hence, such a huge burning. We did not have the tape, damage to seal it but I had the idea to go for many truck drivers that they have in the car park should have such equipment. Already the first driver poratował zagadnięty us carefully wrapped in tape and landed on the cam in place. The next kilometers were marked wgapiania the Socket to the fuel. Fortunately, the diagnosis and treatment proved to be accurate and everything is back to normal. At dinner we were at the campsite. The water in the lake was much colder than Constance and resigned from the bath. To do justice to the tradition of the black clouds gathered and it started to rain. The end of 19 we went to bed to sleep rocking sounds of rain.

Lindau on Lake

In Churze us to sleep echoed torrent. Morning annoyed me further views of the mountains, So we decided, that we are not going to Davos and St. Moritz only directly above the Lake Constance. Chciałam odpocząć are wczorajszym, soak up the sun and most importantly we had to drive only 95 km. Zwinęliśmy tent and Go. We left Switzerland this was already the definitive end of our trip, fragmencik drove through Austria to get to Lindau in Germany.

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Evening sessions have resulted in a decision, z rezygnujemy Ze Chamonix in jedziemy bezpośrednio for Implementation. Both of them were not sure of the route, tunnels and the more fees, that is already France. The newspaper learned of the Coop, that the way to the campsite there are many interesting places to see: salt mine, caves, etc.. The new route consisted of about 300 km.

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