Trio, szroty and other

To, that we came back from vacation and the break is longer Low does not mean, that nothing in the garden is not going minakowym.
Yesterday passed “three”. Bubbles traveled szelkowymi Schroth belts, which mounted a week Maciek. Revelation. The difference between ordinary belts bezwładnościowymi is colossal. Even now survive their red color (którego osobiście not cierpię) so good to me now rides.
Returning to training this miniak was insurmountable at the curtain of water and stick to the mat better than the monster slip, czterołap subaru. Scored perfectly invasion speed 80 km! But I gave the body in half aaltonenie and half turn instead of a nice car but it did shift the side. I have to think what was the cause or too high speed or the steering wheel firmly tightened and, of course, continue to practice. Unfortunately, my dream of making a full Aaltonen is not true. Even though I had no opportunity to try. Grrr! It is difficult, I will wait for the opportunity to train, would for winter!
After my rajdowaniu deserved bubble was escorted to exchange serducha and several other parts. I hope, że po tej operacji będzie zdrowy 🙂 i szybszy.