Already without any surprises, we got to the house. Weather at night downpour had turned in Plauen “Road” that is, not too warm, not too cold, without burning sun, So we rode nicely. We watched the combustion control posts yet but remained at normal levels. In the afternoon, got dirty, wymęczonym but on its own wheels Amberkiem.

I got into unpacking and Maciek could not resist and rozkręcił roof. After two hours of fighting, but the grimy samarium and told me happy, that repaired the roof and “As even better than before”. Dropped a roll, also missing a few screws.
The expedition remained Amberkowi cow bell as a souvenir as befits a true Swiss, wears it proudly on the mirror (heart was removed so as not to ring the great Polish roads). And we're already looking forward to the IMM 2012 and we are planning a trip around Lake Balaton.
Motocaina – travel – announcement