Pointe a la Bise

A lot of cars went yesterday, this morning we zwinęliśmy our tent and we left on our IMMA “the great Swiss tour”. As of today, we had planned route by Bulle, Lozannę, Morges, Nyon to Geneva where we had reserved space at the campsite.

We set off, accompanied by rain mżącego winding road through the top Junapass. Entering the Lake Geneva area welcomed us with sunshine and vineyards on the slopes of hills. We were going to stand in one of the picturesque village of shopping in the store but it turned out, that today are Zieloneświątki and everything is closed. We drove to Geneva. Now no longer accustomed to traffic and big city. He and we were very nervous Maciek but we managed to drive downtown and get to the outskirts of the city where he was our campsite. A small but beautifully situated on a lake in my camp got scores maximum points – 5. Blisko center but uboczu, in a quiet place with great sanitary facilities, free bus lanes on all buses Geneva, beach and nest egg as a swan with an extra allowance. For this herons, small ducks and even the highest price – which has so far paid for camping 30 Br did not discourage us. Using the bus passes we went to visit Geneva. Spenetrowaliśmy the old town, promenade and the beach. On the way back in anticipation of the bus running every 30 min by passing the feast we had hoped DB, Abarthy, Lamba i Ferrary bo Porsche jest tam tak popularne jak u nas Sej 🙂
Tired but happy when you refresh the “divine” We spent the evening showers on the shores of Lake Geneva.