By Saturday swirl all the time wondering whether to go on “Low”. Some were only a, that if a fault was Amberze would be so serious, that fell to the Swiss – Babylon to rajdowanie for non pojechał. But everything ended well and in the morning, we decided – go!

As usual, there was a lot of cars, cool atmosphere, there are also news. Trial has been mounted electronic timing system and semaphores with the lights on the grid (instead of Jesus with the flag). A little nervous about this-go “green” the more, there were only two lights – red which went out and after five seconds, the green zapalało, which was the starting signal, and run timing. W praktyce system okazał się bardzo przyjazny i wolę go od machania flagą 🙂

The first ride I rode very well and despite the cramped and “Technical” route with chicane I was glad to pass.
Then time is stretched unmercifully, heat and I was teased more tired. Do not change the fact that even, that the organizers pointed me to a television interview and had their five minutes. “Produkowałam” in car, transported at the end of the editor and I recorded during the second loop. Z tego powodu nieco wcześniej puścili mnie na tor a Chudy posprzeczał o to się z Piotrkiem 🙂 Drugi przejazd poszedł mi gorzej mimo, że się poprawiłam 🙂 czasowo. After a small rondku when changing gears do not hit the gas pedal – I rate it slipped and lost precious seconds. Eventually took third place in the Cup Women.