The relationship will be short – it was great and for the year or we will come! It seems to me, that the car was slightly less than last year but still the turnout was good. Organization as always great rallies in the Czech Republic, The idea proved 3 x 3 x 3 – three cars on the grid after three laps, and three attempts. We spent a very successful Saturday… I was the best in the class of women, outside, that I was the weakest auto!
Option sleeping the night before is best, We have already tried the hotel and open from Tesco 7 of 22 nearby so logistically we are getting better prepared, że o krzesełkach nie wspomnę 😉

In like spring

Gearing up “miniakowy” Week – Tomorrow Mr Bubbles has trained with Rajdowalnią and on Friday we travel to the Czech Republic, so that the island and the calm face on Saturday at the Fourth. MINI Race Day.
Dzięki szczęśliwemu zrządzeniu fortuny chyba będziemy mogli przeprowadzić wymarzone Maćkowe 😉 modyfikacje i w czerwcu Bąbel będzie już “almost” rajdową furą.
In her free time battling ore Maciek on Amberku and I worked out a route to Switzerland and I went camping. TIME TO START SEASON!

Koronkowa robot

While I been giving the world record in the burning of a scorpion riding on the second stage of training Maciek took a facelift Amberka.
Revealed the enormity of the destruction…

All outbreaks have been neutralized and are now waiting for a flight of filler and coating. This will be the first such “extensive” experience in self-painting. 🙂
Bąblowi also be reprimanded grinder.

As if that was not enough in the clutch stopped working Amberku but irreplaceable WD-40 saved the situation. Auto has yet to be proven in terms of mechanical and head! Time is short because 2 May starts the first rally after Picnic in June IMM.

On Sunday, the theory will lead – my first time!