I signed up already for the second elimination NLC – 3 April…
Still waiting for my rocket this week and start training before.

Nie mogłam się powstrzymać i poniżej zamieszczam jeszcze dwie fotki autorstwa Stevena 🙂 Wielkie dzięki!


Weekend was marked by a rally. On Saturday I was at training on Sunday for competitions. I'm happy with them and not. Everyone praised me for night driving, Professional cornering etc, But the result does not satisfy me. The only consolation is that, that I was the weakest auto and clearly felt a lack of power.
In two weeks I will try to eliminate the second squeeze more from each other and Bubble – but also considering driving Amberkiem.

Photo. Stefan Wyszynski

Classic Mini treningach rajdowalnia.pl

Two videos from the passenger seat of the trips recorded during the Missile.
Oczywiście możliwość wyboru jakości HD 😀

British Open Classic “Amber” 1,3SPI, Missile training at the February 2011

Mini Mayfair Custom “Mr. Bubbles” 998cc, Missile training at the March 2011

Ready to fit

Us again “sharp” weekend. On Friday, training missile…
This time, Mr. przewietrzyliśmy. Bubblesa.

The beginnings were difficult, After two runs I could hardly throw the gears and I was pretty pissed. Fortunately, enough to bleed the clutch only. Toy car spisywało great – is much more dynamic than Amber but unfortunately it lacks the simple power. Hail Force – Maciek już coś wymyślił 😉

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It is Subaru Impreza

The first meeting of the garage included in this year – Maciek mentioned in Mr. Bubble wheel and rigidly fastened seat. Today the driver's seat waiting for him and change the wheels for the summer and on Friday we go for another workout. Może to lekka przesada z kołami ale pojawiły się zwiastuny wiosny i temperatura poszła w górę a ja chcę poćwiczyć na aucie w gotowości „rajdowej” 😉
The next weekend I have classes in the second degree, and I'm curious of course. Until now I had no opportunity even to observe the exercises are performed on it. Ones is 2 – 3 a week, deuce only once a month. In February, aided by all the classes and I am increasingly fascinated by them. I really like to spend those few hours on the track all the more, it is getting warmer ...