My education rally goes according to plan. Regrets only, I can not attend the training every week ... But every weekend I'm on the track and ambition to impart. On Saturday, despite spending long hours in the cold as I was winged and very happy. Also made some remark - unfortunately I have to say, that women are afraid to ride, and rarely has pressed the gas pedal just like the guy. Injury, because the track conditions are at it, and could work out "difficult situations" and not a creep 30 – 40 km and the expected, that the car skids.
Increases are also take-offs and graphics in addition to NLC and missile Cup, a new initiative with a new cycle Rajdowalnia.pl professions “Japan vs. the World” - Is to be faster, more and harder: 2 route x 5 Laps. You can try the more, I managed to fight the extension 1 class to 1000 and may have a vague chance to get in the fight.
We decided also to go to the fourth Vysoké Mýto MINI Race Day - This is a test for me and got rid of bad habits and training yielded positive results.