Power slide

Barely a week has passed so much has happened…

On Saturday, passed the driving improvement course degree. I was slightly disappointed, in Poznan / Bednary was better. Despite the small group – not be a ten najeździłam. In fact, only superficially learned to make mistakes, and how should I address. Well noticed one of the students and what now?
At the end of the last exercise in “attempt to rally” for the time I broke the silencer and it was after the event. Summoned to the rescue came Maciek AGP and it finished the course. From Monday sought an expert on mufflers. Maciek chose bet quite close to home and with a great whirr went there on Wednesday. The operation lasted less than half an hour and the car was done. The robot is not lace but may be damper keeps.
The more I wanted at the time, that today the appointment was “rajdowanie” the Missile.

Driving went well, I will try to once a month to participate in them. These workouts give the most. The atmosphere at the start and then broke Kuchar “Grandfather bodyguard” but I soon forgot about it because the rest of the team was in the order.
Regards and see you guys on the track.
I keep my fingers crossed for Poznan on Saturday.