and became the second in Mini Cooper Rally!!
Fiat 125p sensational ride to the Turini pass

and my rajdowanie…

Photo. Stefan Wyszynski

Start WOŚPie I consider to be very successful because I managed to avoid a nasty habit of riding on the clutch. Do not consider myself a pretty good rally but the driver - but I decided to improve my technique in a higher driving – use the hand brake and spin tops. I'm starting a cycle, który mam nadzieje zakończy się egzaminem państwowym i uprawnieniami 🙂 Przy okazji pośmigam na torze, popracuję, and, above all, practice will have a good time.
I have to admit, that the impetus of the "You think that you ride". It was attended by colleagues abarth'owcy and they encouraged me to watch (their performances). I will not comment on the program - I, that the idea was great, and more such initiatives and the implementation of the usual – typically Poland.