Veni, I saw!

Very pleased me information, that the crew going to RMCH will “Pit-stop” Wroclaw. Of course not we have been present. Cars began to appear around 19 a ich zwiastunem były trzy Porsche 🙂

We had the task of fighting – wait for the one which started from miniaka Warsaw:
323 Preben Kristoffersen DK HEDEGAARD Knot UK Varsovie AUSTIN MINI COOPER 1968 III 1
Unfortunately, there has been, and after 21 skapitulowaliśmy – drove home. Crews do not have to stop here – depended on their goodwill, Polish drivers were asked only to rank in Bielany.
The interest was big, supporters bravely helping drivers to leave the parking lot and the discussions on cars was not the end.
A mistake I think people leave cars in the immediate environment – was therefore a mess. Undoubtedly, however, the advantage was the possibility of contact with the car, Zaloga i magia RALLY MONTE CARLO HISTORY!