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Preparations for the rally season in full swing. After recent appearances on the track we came to the conclusion with Maciek, that Mr.. Bubble we have to change the steering wheel to a smaller. The search lasted a week and through the opinions and support "fellow racers," we were able to select the appropriate. After the test, "handheld", ie. I tried it and check how it is in their hands is just mount it on the fury. Earlier, the irreplaceable Adam S. nabe, and so we bought the most important elements of a sports car, we have completed. Macko, of course, go after the head of any improvements in mechanical and drudgery drive unit - but I'm against it, and stubbornly saying maniac, that the skills and capacities are not needed on the track. Therefore made some steps. First read on the internet almost everything they could about driving technique, a dzięki prezentowi w postaci książki Sobiesława Zasady „Szybkość bezpieczna” mam czym katować Maćka do poduszki 🙂
The theory is not all counts of the practice so I enrolled on a course to improve ride and thanks to a proposal may also be more professional and more bound up with this type of activity. My words, that the path is not for me to remain in force. I'm going to start only in 6 eliminations and that's it. Why not play with it next year - we'll see. I changed my approach a little bit due to the fact, that in principle, Mr.. Bubble is just a car on the track and I do not have to respect it and save as, how it would be in the case of use it every day. Scorpio is here its decisive contribution. Of course, indecision, and I hope other, it'll also let him go on the track. Class 5 It's proud!

Also saved on the IMM, and a picnic for me the two most important events in the mini maniac. Probably we will go to Switzerland Amberkiem.