As Christmas is wrapping gifts – we are with Maciek “pakowaliśmy” miniaki garage. It went easier than expected, and both are in it without problems fit.

We started with Mr. Bubble,a – because “unfavorable wide wheel arches for winter wheels” one word badziewny appearance has been posted at the end of the garage in a position to ensure the winter sleep.

Amberek have plenty of space and it can be safely parked.

Bitten by a scorpion

It will be a note in a series of Christmas dreams come true.
I guess I'm lucky to cars because what I think, I liked it and wanted me to have him for some time it appears in the garage. Begins to be dangerous as it would be like I think about bugattim Veyron?!
I Sodobał Amberek – regarded him as the most beautiful and unusual miniaka fate decrees I have him. This time it was, and so from now lives with us scorpion. I hope, that will not bite the miniakmi and live according to trianglu.

In 2008,…

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