Autumn lazing

Mini, as usual, to generate interest and a lot of positive reaction. Lady from our favorite ice cream shop is delighted with him and every day with her on the car gawędzimy.

On the way to Pogorzelica had an unpleasant incident, when he brazenly forced the bus to enter traffic joining the. Outside, that I was on the main – Expressway is a way I had to pull back hard and let him go because I would be pushed to the forefront.

'm Totally pissed off and 200 yards away where there was a wide shoulder on both sides jumped to the opposite lane and ahead of the bezczelniaka string of cars, including bus. Cars from across the gently on my shoulder zjeżdżały. In the end it Mini! In this way ahead of the whole company and electricity have no problems to the sea – anticipated cars have not caught up to me. This is the second time I used perversely their advantage “wielkościową” – first to Stargard and now here.
Yesterday we went on a trip to Dziwnow, Dziwnówka, Trzęsacz Rewal – nice to look at the surprised faces of the natives when the viewer's our car.

Maciek entertains a golfer and I collect amber

session with a lantern in Niechorze