2 Highly Picnic – first day

Just as I promised, every weekend we go for some escapades Miniakami. This time it fell on a picnic on the Historic Vehicle 1200 summer Cieszyn.

We got up to fifteen fifths to the ninth report on the collection of. Weather spoils us: Wroclaw we said goodbye to a light drizzle accompanied us on the route of the rain once again weaker stronger. Guided Google maps zaliczyliśmy new A1, unfortunately only 15 km, more detours and we got pretty large holes to Cieszyn. After check-, not even had time to create a commemorative plate and I had to move the road. We accompanied the police and fire city . Came near 20 Cars, supposed to be over 30. Weather frightened willing. In the Czech Cieszyn we only rely on himself and riding a numb Fiat 126p driver in the very first column, we lost lights. After the phone to the Commander arrived at the rally and guidance to the car waiting for us. We had a layover in an aircraft crash site with the Polish pilots and running out of time waiting for two cars.

We passed through 3 klucząc dams and winding lanes we arrived at Fridka Mistek. On the outskirts of us waited for the police arrived and escorted to the center.

We parked the car around the monument and went to the castle on zwiedzanko. Armed with a delightful museum slippers listened to a lecture on the history of the castle in the only legitimate language. After the "castle" we went for coffee and chatting with you cookie with Alfa Spider. Former television and interviews, Unfortunately, we are pleased that we had missed too common car. At the rally came up 3 Mini. Robert with his green and silver – miniakowym new in the world of the ancient pans Cieszyn. We moved on to the Tatra Museum in Koprivnica. This time we rode a lot better, no one was lost and we got there easily. Great museum! We ate lunch there and we had over an hour to explore the. I must admit, Tatra reminded me that to date only from cars to lorries and there I saw a great personal copies. Lines of cars were quite futuristic – three lights on the front, strange rear windscreen. Dałam im przydomek cartoon cars 😉