We will participate in a rally car in Wroclaw in the U.S. in May, We agree organizer. Nasze maleństwa znikną w porównaniu z cadillacami i innymi muscle carami ale co tam przynajmniej będą się wyróżniać!

Zamailowałam garage wizard Pierre Bodeina (Sebastiana dla malował Loeba level) and rapidly and specifically respond to me.


Bore the blue paint, I dropped the idea, or a chameleon paint flip flop. I called in this case, even to a workshop in Dzierzoniow (specialists from such a coating) but very poorly I spoke with the owner. I gave it up - search underway.

IMM / club

We registered at the IMM - the first of the Polish. The club mess as usual. Now came the matter of non-registration of new entries to the club. All beat their breasts, przepraszają and so. In February, to be general, but we did not choose. Maciek not pay premiums (moreover, raised the 60 to 80 zł) and writes to the Serbian club ;). Very sorry, that the club does so clumsily, I have a few ideas, but the rationalization of language to unravel the damage clique, and so they do what they want. A very unpleasant atmosphere, and where openness to new and lofty password. Injury, damage.

January cont

Reception chairs lingers, in fact their job. Upholsterer says, że ma problemy z zakupem skóry o odpowiednim kolorze. I decided in absentia, sewed to the skin with a slightly different shade. Rozmawiałam też wstępnie na temat podsufitki.

Negotiations on the wheel arches (w końcu not zamówiliśmy ich z kołami). Finally, they fell on the company MOSS.

I bought a specific type of antifreeze and anti pair. For now vanish defroster - even give advice.