I chose the GOCC, Staggering amounts of snow are not discouraged volunteers. I volunteered to Low Meadows at KJS. At the place turned out to be, that the organizers are not prepared nor snow, nor a greater number of participants. Already at the entrance arranged an adventure - I had no where left to register the car and into the club could not enter before registration - a veritable paranoia.

Of course, he won entry, I registered and found a place to park the car. People more and more, place at all. Subaryny zaczęły rozjeżdżać tor – ja też się załapałam na próbne trzy kółka. Cornering was very icy and bad we had to make a car that is not turned. At the beginning we would go only after the wheel, kazali nam zjechać i do akcji wkroczyły Subaru żeby przygotować trasę. After several attempts shares ended a broken bumper and the circuit was set at the circle. Snow defeated organizers. Finally, we set the entry to the track. Sam even fun ride - I thought the car and the suspension of the mogul on the snow did not want to manhandle cacique. Przyjechaliśmy and call them in zostaliśmy pochwaleni of płynna jazdę. I shook a little, I watched other journeys, and I decided to go home. Forgive the second run, and thus was not classified. But it was good fun and for the year also go!