School of Safe Driving

We leave, goes well, cheerful is not sensational - Local mist but as empty on the way. We arrive before the time, despite the problems with the bests in the Poznan. After opening the living room while we are waiting for coffee. The organizers are very nice and take care of our "comfort". Going down to the garage in the living room, we will be there to beautify the car.

We are handed out pens to draw hallowinowe windows and pumpkins, cats and cemeteries. Ours is the only classic. We leave and go to Bednar on track. I pulled behind the leading car - BMW 7. Wole longer route will not go wrong. I 2/3 Baku and decides not dotankowywać. On-site waiting for us a talk. Short and to the guide shows what we do, divided us into groups and head to the track. Get to Cooperów worksów me and two MINI. We start from the race track for the first leading, two runs - so they know the route. We get radios, I balaclavas Kaski. Begins to be rajdowo. I'm afraid too much to push the car - it must go back to Wroclaw. Our instructor is a former champion Polish - very friendly driver. He drove in two worksach and we start to ride on a time when I offered him a ride mini. He told me, the first time driving this car. The first passage – a much stronger than me. He said, now that car go as he met rajdowo. I actually. I held on tightly to the handle - so, że ją wyrwałam 😉 Ale prowadził rewelacyjnie. Next ride I driver, Passenger - coach. This ride gave me the most. I learned a lot and I try to implement the observations and recommendations. Next two runs on time and another two in the other direction. I looked at the amount of fuel - frighteningly quickly began to disappear. But there is no wonder as the pressure hose, at the end of this horse racing! I saw the contented face of our trainer while driving miniakiem. He said, that leads to sensational, jak Gokart, the engine runs very well and the car holds the road superbly. He decided to give me a head start (route was straight section, where I lost to new) and ordered the go-kart ride. Several rounds and firmly I started feeling dizzy. In Baku less and less - I gave myself two last laps. We drove from the track to the base for lunch. Delicious, hot pea soup. Nourished and warmed moved to "rally triangle". Honestly I was little enough rides. I must admit, that rally driving is hard work. I was not so much physically as mentally tired. I left rides, I drove only route 2 times and every time. I wish I had the car and I almost provision - had reached even to the gas station. Latest job drove in the passenger seat in the car our coach - roundabout slip and driveway uphill, short slalom. I've been really tired and still ride home - 180 miles may not be a lot but unfortunately this is not a motorway and very tired. Finally, exit the database and summary, We were awarded diplomas. On the way back we came back column, slid down to the station and I thought, the rest went. Nice touch – proved to be, that waited for me in the near bay and podprowadzili me to traveling to Wroclaw. People were very nice and the atmosphere at the training was fun. In summary, I was very happy, learned a lot and became an enthusiast of such training. After thoughts came to the conclusion, I prefer to take part in such training (organizations announce quarterly) than APMC, definitely much more would use and to teach and the cost of a comparable. For this I have no line of competition and I feel sorry for the car to mask squeezing formerly a better time. So the school for me are just right – I'm learning car, control over it, and she dictates the pace. I am looking forward to the next school, we must necessarily go to two cars and refuel to complete before entering the track!