Wedding session

We responded to the announcement from the club a search Miniak wedding session. After the arrangement for the time and place we agreed to the ruins of the manor house near Wroclaw. At the place turned out to be, that you can not get in with a photographer and ordered the chestnut avenue sessions.

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Birthday MINI in Warsaw (second day)

Weather much better-the sun is shining, and promises to be, it will heat. We're going to the place - we are the first. We are in the middle of the city and head. Gold Poeksplorowaliśmy terraces and returned to the square. On the way into the palace of culture kartonowcy, na ulicach menele, magnifying glass, beggars and other elements, including the old woman with a beard. Again, cake and old women pushing to blow candles. During the "coolest" car wash show gave scratching post. We stayed in the Mac under Tomaszów. What strikes the eye - as the crowds of natives procure the cheapest, sets take only newcomers. Could the crisis. To 19 We are in the hut. Another rally for us.

Birthday MINI in Warsaw (first day)

We got up at five, left before the sixth (ATM on the way yet). We drove the standard route, I, that is much better than the alternative autostardę. Weather even, even - it does not rain, pleasantly cool temperatures. We arrived before 11 - In Wawie even without traffic jams. Facility building KC - Miniaki face hidden in a square in the middle. Cold and begins to spit. Few of us, but midday mountain.

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hang on the phone and looking for company, which is proven, registered and not rip. We concluded, that we take the cacique of Luke. It's a shame because the cheap and good but wait ... do not know if it's a little too long. I think I found some as, the rest seemed to be a cwaniakowata.

Department of Communication

- Of course queue 21 people in front of us. Wither here - going very slowly. Fortunately accelerated, we got to the last box and pretty lady chased us - me Photocopying, Maciek for cash, Finally, it is - we cacique. It is a pity, the failure to negotiate 10 - Today is exactly our 10 anniversary, for registration have 9. Just insurance, and here too there are problems, Az chased us to the certificate PZU. Fortunately, there is a long weekend and there are no traffic jams in the city. And we quickly turned the insurance.
Maciek slowly assembles purchased parts: distance is too short pins, filter mount does not fit into the carburetor (Drills), halogens are leaking and evaporate, brakety can not be installed because the truck is crooked. So far, failed same shopping. It was the most important stage 1 - The wait to return to Warsaw. Now a little time for car rozgrzebanie.