SME – seventh day

Not spałam branch dobrze od wyjazdu, delicious. Ahead of us the last stage. Driving slowly beginning to bore us. We had moments of terror began when a fairly strong smell burning rubber. We stood on the emergency lane and made a vision miniaka. After szczęście nic not stwierdziliśmy. We drove some more time awake and a little nervous but everything was in order. Unfortunately the highway was opened to Zgorzelec, we had to go through Boleslawiec. Of course, traffic jams, stoppers. While passing the flour evaporated two boys there and shoot us foty. On the way passed us returning from the rally miniaki. We arrived home around 19, unfortunately we did not wait for dinner. Maciek pizza saved the situation. Thus ended the IMM 2009. Next year, Germany - close, we go back to Dresden and Prague. 2011 Switzerland - already planning a larger tour of Geneva, Milan ... 2012 reported willingness to Hungary - Lake Balaton - we'll see ...
MOTOCAINA “Target – England”