SME – the sixth day

Trip - hangs in the air rain. Zwinęliśmy quickly and gave scratcher. We waved goodbye to the rest of our, which also consisted slowly, Of course then the charges, that is not goodbye - standard. Summary IMM - I'm very happy, the weather was good - all the time we had the heat and sun, Miniak did a wonderful job, amazing turnout. Thomas met with the team of Slovenia and located the car from Zagreb. Spirit did not smell too big masówka. The whole trip to plus -przeżycia unforgettable.

We arrived far too early for the ferry, some pokręciliśmy the city - unfortunately all paid parking. After searching we found a free wheel station. Went for breakfast 'and on reflection we took brekwast boxing - it was delicious. He drove Maro, then the friends of the French ferry. Time flowed quickly. We drove up to check in and again we waited about an hour to load. The weather is broke, It was cold and popadywało. On the ferry I passed death, well huśtało and falling apart for good. We had a small delay, which turned into quite a lot after astray in. GPS not working, too much rain. We asked the natives - of course no one spoke English, Winding deliciously French if we all understand. After 9 we had to be at camp (I close) reached the tenth. With our spacerowi the previous visit saw a familiar shop and already we got no problems. We were able to enter – Fortunately, the reception has been. Tent pitched in extreme conditions: dark and mega blows, Fortunately, it stopped raining. Maciek eagerly pounded found at the IMM chrome muffler tip to have a good knock herring. The storm was merciless. We pitched successfully. The night was raining and windy, morning the weather improved, even the sun came out. Night fell victim to two tents next to us. We went for fresh bread to "our lady" - baguette ordinary + with chocolate (goodies). Walking through the market and into the car. We traveled, drove, drove. Along the way, shopping in the Netherlands - black licorice candy. In the evening we arrived at the campsite in Petershagen. I felt right at home. Fast tent, Shower, dinner and a movie to the end.