SME – fourth day

After the morning to wash up the fight, we already know the organization is totally. In addition, no one knows, when and what will happen. I take pictures wreckage it left MKP. People comment that nasty people, what a mess. As much as I'm ashamed.

The event was fierce, sawing motors, drove drunk. Apparently the party ended with a police visit. We go after traditionally szlajać stands. It turns out, that is full of staffu but what need no. We went on a trip to the supermarket. Along the way, I marveled at the characteristic architecture of houses and beautiful gardens. It was wonderful to watch the vegetables and fruits and other benefits. We are still ten years for blacks. We bought eight ice cream on a stick and on the way back skonsumowaliśmy. Returning grabbed a stunt show miniakami the factory MG. Surprised me ride sideways, especially after the bend.
In the camp interesting occupation was to find places where they seem meal. When composter. We grabbed immediately, then the line was unimaginable. In the evening event. Society poprzebierało the, like miniaki - application to 50 birthday. Our beloved club, of course, nothing. We handed out glowing sticks kids and the older openers with mniakiem. Mina kids - priceless. Quickly we went merchandise. It turned out, that ideally the wstrzeliliśmy outside sliding down miniaki foster these glow sticks at the show. I was very happy. In the next year or something out. I decided to buy for next year white – red wig and a big blanket of us to distinguished.