SME – third day

Morning wake-up call, it is dark and raining. Extremely woke up at 3 so as not to be late for the ferry. Later it turned out, it is far too early. Small anxiety as a barrier and gate are closed on the toilet trying to- All opens automatically. A little freaks have been going in circles, before we will enter the parking lot to check. Stoimy do 5.45. Upset drive up to check - it's finally our first time! Everything is done smoothly. Again, we are - we are waiting for loading.

Behind us more and more Miniaków from France, Switzerland, The Netherlands. Very nicely entering the ferry, large would be much worse, tighter. Set small and go on board. It's raining and the weather looks bleak. Travel is short - about an hour and docks. I wonder how it is possible, with the car standing on the site - just leave your gear, Hand tighten and so. The weather has improved, see scraps of blue sky and of course the white cliffs of Dover. Maciek leads, Stress great ... we have to go after the "wrong" side of the road. The place is going to lead the highway so well and did not feel we were going on the left side. Along the way, there is no parking and toilets, stations are mostly in switches and you stray from the path. The weather is getting better, Although some have begun but the closer to the warmer and stronger sun shines. We manage to find the road already close to your destination. Teeming with Miniaków. Turn the column 6 English Miniaków. Heat as 4 car.

Unexpectedly twist of route, we followed them. Stop at the station, there get along, that we will go after them. Claim, they know where it is, driving directions and at all. They look dull, particularly strikes me clothes one, old guy. He is wearing a stained, dirty tracksuits subsumed under the same tits. Comical image. Let's move on, let's look at the GPS - 14,2 km to. We drove into town - we think it's strange because the road was otherwise. Push in the center and start driving around. It's getting dangerously we enter the red, we force in order not to lose the column. We stand in traffic jams. After the second lap around the theater stop the new mini, Now he leads and we already know, that they have no idea how to get. Again land in the same place for the third time, stop and deliberate. We are properly pissed off and tired, We circle already so hour. Maciek went to ask at combine - responded that determine the route - this was too much. Started the navigation and go themselves - to order 14 km. Fajosko. Led we got there with no problems except for my one driving under the current. Along the way, hooking up another Miniaki, we already knew, we're going in the right direction. We are at Longbridge. Cable entry is not long in comparison with the Netherlands. Dress Miniak the flag.

On the heels of faints thick Englishwoman arrives ambulance and police, gets a trip!. We pass it, I can see her legs in the air. He comes to us and says organizer, we drove back and then came to register, before us can 10 – 15 cars so we are waiting to enter. It makes no sense to combine. After a few minutes we are in the registration. Waving flags of countries- Our no.

Entry is slushy, Arrange cartons. It rained the day before and the whole grass is heavily waterlogged, they get stagnant. We ask where is the Polish sector - parkujcie where you want does not have designated places, ups! Pierce through the mass miniaków and shops. A little bending space (ie, we drive provided for area stores, he switches the gate) reach the tent MKP. Cheers no, indifference. Select a seat next to Martin and a Scotsman. After breaking the Scot is carrying and unpacking the fuss he needs space and we are too close. Furious set our tent, pomaga nam Humin. We're going to look around the camp is a huge, miniaków overwhelming amount and still come new. Stores a lot and full parts - we look bewildered.

The grass is like a sponge, we will walk in the shoes japonkach shame because this swamp. Furore make wellies - we have not even thought before you go to purchase them. We go back to the tent, half – dinner, again, walk and sleep, we're both exhausted. Summary: area as a huge number of people and miniaków. For a few showers, toilet, is not at all bathrooms. Water drunk two Baniak. Go to the toilet, the shower is a real expedition, then standing in queues and finish is not always successful because maybe expended water. Our T-shirts Club "on Anglie" differ from those shown on the Web. They are horrible. In addition to the password Good save the Quinn written hopeless Trzcionka is Miniak top in red with a large blood stain. Macabre, even as I wanted to give it would not take, and commented with are disgusting. Of course, no one is eager to give them to us and well.