SME – day two

Roll up the tent in the morning and in the way. A bit boring to drive a, pass Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, and we get to France. We concluded, that does not stop Dunkirk. Looks like a big city, you would have to spend at least a full day to explore - and we just do not have much time. Refuel on zapyzia³e station and it turns out, that here with English feebly. Gasoline for the cheapest – the most expensive in Belgium, the rest of the countries at a similar level as. We get to Bologna. We're going promenade along the sea.

I feel like in Cannes, palms, beach, divinely. We pass along the way cleared ferry and Aquarium. Our campsite is located in the older part of town - the old fishing village. We handle paperwork - at the reception in English than in the tooth, get along in "picture" – Maciek draws what he meant. The campsite is right next to the beach on a rocky coast. Nearly jump out of skin, to go to the seaside. Place we have at the end of camp - on a rocky hill. Along with us crash swiss, also go to the IMM. Moments with them talking. Together we will take the ferry. Pitched "camp" and we rush to the sea. The beach is huge and to get to the water you have to get a nice overlap. I dive in the water just to the waist, frustules annoy me crabs and other sea creatures. We're going through the town, watch the beautiful historic central square, I explore the charming shops and at the end we buy real French baguette. We return to the camp and are preparing dinner. These two "saver" days I bought a disposable barbecue and the pot itself in the first day of the neck and today sausage. It's a very good idea and decided to use it more often.