SME – first day

Let's move on. We promised each lajcik, stand up, Dogs, Breakfast and departure. Nervousness goes with every kilometer. We have a well-traveled Polish "luxury" A4 - the others do not have. In Germany, lots of traffic, goes well. Dear great, well marked. In the evening we arrive at the campsite- we found no major problems. Getting worse - the barrier closed and calling for a good few minutes nothing.

At the end of the reception there is Mrs., we handle paperwork. Camping I like, a lot of green, nice facilities right next to the channel. Pitched our tent and go to wash. Shower costs 0,50 E so as part of the savings go together. Maciek lands me in the women's, I'm on chat rooms. Luckily we were alone . Are prepared home dinner, watch a movie and go to sleep. All night the sea roar - that turns out to be, that we are close to a busy road - which, moreover, that arrived.