Red-letter day

Often, I happened to browse the web with announcements of sales miniaków. Watching newly listed cars seemed to me, that Mirka issued its Chelsea. I said Maciek and this evening we started looking for the auction. We went nowhere in the end because we could not find her and we saw the auction british Bartek – was damaged. This was very upset, Mack asked to call the Bartek and asked whether and to whom sold. I wish I had the toy cars. On Saturday, a barbecue Maciek rang and it was found that did not sell but it has a buyer. Although not he likes and how we are willing to sell us. All of the shaking. The decision we had half an hour. It turned out, the car is at the Adam S., a Adam T. saw them on breakages. Rider not entered in, it was running only the front was damaged: mask, bumper, mudguard. Maciek was hanging on the phone and deliberował with Adams about the damage, should I or not auto. I was spinning in my head and I did not know what to do.
* the price was at our pocket (due to breakages),
* but basically what all the other mini,
* but this was the mini,
* my favorite
The decision was made TAKES, we called for the finalization of the Bartek and we agreed to purchase.
We bought a car without viewing only on the basis of our memories of his appearance at rallies and photos after the kicks sent by Bartek.
The car was a gift to me 10 rocznicę ślubu 🙂