Warsaw Job

I do not like to go to Warsaw, because the road is bad. Unfortunately, this time rally “May” organized “near” Warsaw. But it turned out – fortunately, we will not be in Warsaw itself and in the bay Zegrzyński Bialobrzegi.

The Centre itself, for this beautiful area. Please zameldowaniu poszliśmy the spacer nad zalew. Weather dopisywała, It was warm and sunny. In the evening event.
Morning after breakfast and we went to check the official tour – collect the gold bars. We traveled in three cars, and even we managed to collect a single bar of – exactly Marowi, brown. There was some confusion with parking and places where the bars were to be. It was not known whether anyone had taken them already, because the organizers did not wait in the designated areas on the last car. After several hours of driving we are separated from our small convoy – We went back to the resort the rest went to Wilanów.
We waited in the center of fitness test. Riding a bicycle opposite, strzelanie z łuku i jak zwykle nasz ulubiony rower wodny 🙂
In the evening barbecue and party. The theme of the talks – Mini, Mini, Mini!
On Sunday after breakfast, depart for home. This time, the gold – Annual May miniklubu there were very few cars. If not for Warsaw car is the turnout would be very bad.