Maciek had an unpleasant adventure. On one of our wonderful “garbów” stopped trolley. After half an hour fight, and shopping in castoramie (just shook up beside her) a handful of nurseries back home. I do not know how he succeeded! I took up the search spec of repair. In all the workshops said,, so do these things but as I said, it's about Miniak “beans” it quickly retreated. In the end managed to fix it at a friend's friend. Express Repair – 2 days. I was very nervous as he took a small Snow Equipment. The mechanic got a set of components and an extensive lecture on repairs. It seems to me, że wymienił wózek szybciej niż trwała nasza tyrada 🙂
Miniak safe and sound back home, and we breathed.


After returning from the Netherlands found unanimously, that to ride the long distances we have to change seats. After a short search we bought seats from Honda del sol. Cool, profiled ala buckets. We invented an upholsterer – Adam told him and went on a selection of the material.

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